Branches & Expanding


Branches & Expanding

If franchisees are excited to be working with us, we’re even more excited to be working with them.

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Lassi Shop is an established and popular retailer of real fruit drinks, fresh juices, authentic frozen yogurt drinks, and Falooda.

With master franchise partners in place for over 2 countries and spreading around the world, Lassi Shop is one of the fastest growing international brand café today. In fact, you might be surprised where in the world you’ll find us.

Innovation and rapid growth make Lassi Shop a top smoothie franchise business

“For over 4 years now, Lassi Shop has been one of the most innovative smoothie franchises in India. We got our start in Bangalore in 2014, quickly expanded throughout the India and now have more than 500 stores in India and UAE. It’s an innovative product that sells itself.” We are known for our healthy Lassis with dry fruits and real fruit add-ins, Mocktails and Shakes that has helped our brand develop a huge following. Healthy-minded consumers flock to Lassi Shop and often make us part of their daily routine. It only takes a couple of minutes to stop by a Lassi Shop, place an order and be on your way.

Lassi Shop franchise: A lower-investment food franchise

Lassi Shop is far more affordable than with most restaurant concepts, with lower startup costs, lower operation costs, less spoilage and simpler staffing. Many food concepts can cost 1 million or more to open and can require dozens of employees, but the startup costs for a Lassi Shop franchise range from Dh 70,000 to Dhs 150,000, depending on whether you open an alternative, kiosk-style location, or a traditional shopping center location.

Smoothies are simple to prepare — it’s all blending, no cooking — so training new employees is a breeze. That makes it much easier to scale your business as it grows. The simplicity of the business model also makes it easier to manage.

Who makes a great Lassi Shop franchisee?

A Lassi Shop franchisee should have an outgoing personality and a desire to provide customers a healthier option. You should also enjoy going out into the community to meet new people and let them know about your store. Building partnerships in the community is key to growing revenue for your store. We provide a detailed game plan to help you build brand awareness, and executing the game plan can be half the fun of owning a store: You get to be the person who makes the community a little bit better and a little bit healthier, and communities love that!

Demand for smoothies is on the rise. As the People have grown more health-conscious, they are looking for food options that are both healthy and convenient, and smoothies are a great combination of both. The smoothie industry has grown dramatically over the past some years.

With different retail formats and single- and multi-unit franchise programs, our business concept is flexible, too.” Lassi Shop owners have had success in shopping centers, as well as in kiosks and express units; and growing numbers of multi-unit franchise owners have been adding Lassi Shop to complement their existing business.

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