Our story,
Many many Glasses ago....

Lassi shop was established in 2014 at Koramangala, Bangalore. For our consumers, fresh healthy LASSI and MOCKTAILS are a superior alternative to the typical fizzy drinks. Our Brand has grown quite a bit since we started, and each year we add new and healthy items to our menu.

Lassi Story

“Healthy Never Tasted So Good!”

At Lassi Shop, We serve our famous Lassis (Yogurt drinks) with Real Fruits and dry fruits, Faloodas, Smoothies, Delicious Shakes, Fresh juices And Mocktails. At LASSI SHOP we use natural coloring like beetroot and experiment with the quantity to create new colors. It takes a lot to be called one of The best tasting Lassi in town! and we’re proud of our history, team members, and product innovations.It’s not always easy to eat well on the go, but Lassi Shop is changing that. Our freshly prepared smoothies are usually ready just a couple of minutes after they are ordered, which makes it easy for a customer to stop in, grab a Glass full of nutritious yumminess and head to their next destination. Lassi Shop is dedicated to the proposition that all smoothies are not created equal. We are focused on delivering great-tasting products in a wide variety of options to fit the unique needs that your taste and lifestyle demand. The Lassi Shop mission, vision, and values are what drive us to deliver an awesome smoothie experience to you each and every time.

With the Cafe and Fast-food Retail Entrepreneur (CFRE) program, LASSI SHOP is looking to revolutionize successful entrepreneurship in the food retail industry. The dream is to open LASSI SHOP across the world with individuals who are passionate and driven to join our CFRE program and be a part of a team that aims to offer consumers fresh, healthy and hygienic beverages as a superior alternative to fizzy drinks invading the country.



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